The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s the room used the most. Paint can get damaged with constant exposure to moisture, heat, and food spills. This is why taking extra precautions is essential when choosing the right paint for your kitchen and when preparing to paint it.

We’ve gathered five tips to help you make your kitchen paint last longer so you can enjoy your beautiful kitchen for years.

Choose the right paint: 

When painting your kitchen, not all paint is created equal. You should choose a paint designed explicitly for high-moisture areas, like kitchens and bathrooms. Look for paints labelled as “kitchen and bath” paints, as they’re formulated to resist humidity and moisture.

Prepare the surface properly: 

Before you paint your kitchen, preparing the surface properly is essential. Clean the walls thoroughly, remove grease, and patch any holes or cracks. Use a high-quality primer before applying the paint, as it helps create an adhesive layer that prevents the paint from peeling and chipping off.

Invest in quality brushes and rollers: 

Using high-quality brushes and rollers can make a big difference in the longevity of your kitchen paint. Cheap brushes leave streaks and can shed bristles, causing the paint to appear uneven. Investing in high-quality brushes and rollers can help achieve a smooth and even longer finish.

Protect your paint: 

Your kitchen walls are vulnerable to moisture, heat, and food splatter threats. To protect your paint, you can install a backsplash, wipe down the walls regularly, and avoid hanging wet items on the walls. Avoid using tropical plants in the kitchen because they release moisture, which can damage the paint.

Avoid abrasive cleaners: 

Kitchen walls are most prone to damage from abrasive cleaners. You should avoid using harsh chemicals that can strip the paint away and opt for milder solutions like soap and water for cleaning the walls.


Painting your kitchen can be challenging, but it’s a great way to refresh your kitchen and add character to your home. You can make your kitchen paint last longer by choosing the correct paint, prepping the surface, investing in good quality brushes, protecting the walls, and avoiding harsh chemicals.

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