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The Most Trusted Exterior Painters in Canberra

Long-Lasting Exterior Painting Canberra

Are you in Canberra, Queanbeyan or surrounding areas and looking for the best exterior painters near you? We can help you.

Fluid Painting Solutions offers professional, award-winning, prestige and hassle-free exterior painting services, using only the best enviro paint products available on the market.

We are a trustworthy, insured and fully licensed exterior painting company that can carry out all facets of exterior painting projects anywhere in Canberra, Queanbeyan or the surrounding suburbs.

Over the years we have gained an excellent reputation in the industry for providing superior exterior painting services. We deliver the highest quality finishes with minimal disruption, whilst treating your home and personal property with the utmost respect.

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Long-Lasting Exterior Painting Canberra

The Benefits Of Our Exterior Painting

  • We spend ample time cleaning up the surfaces using pressure washers, sanding equipment and vacuums to ensure your space is dust-free before painting.
  • We use Australian Made & Enviro Paints, ensuring you’ll get high-quality coatings and finishes.
  • We’re trained to access tall walls & high ceilings using the latest equipment to tackle even the most challenging surfaces.
  • We have the highest level of care for our clients, the environment and our team, hence we only use environmentally friendly painting products.
  • Our products and services are 100% safe and guaranteed to last for many years to come.
  • All our exterior painters are QBCC Licensed, trained and insured which means you’ll have peace of mind if you deal with us.

Completed Exterior Painting Projects

Why Choose Fluid Painting Solutions

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Client Testimonials

I heard about Fluid Painting Solutions through word-of-mouth and chose them for their quality of workmanship and level of service. I especially appreciated that the job was completed very efficiently and with minimal disruption. The end result looks great!

Caleb, Amaroo

Gabe and his team are fantastic. During the quoting stage, Gabe was happy to talk about all possible quoting options, and ways that we could minimise the cost to us (i.e. removing the furniture and fittings ourselves). The quote itself was very reasonable!

John Price

I am a repeat client of Fluid Painting Solutions, after being referred to them by my daughter. Gabriel is very thorough and does an excellent job… The work was completed carefully and it was overall a very good experience. I would definitely recommend Fluid Painting Solutions!

Judy, Hughes

Our Credibility

Award Winners

Your job is in the hands of an award-winning team who not only takes pride in their work, but also takes pride in your home.

Master Painters Australia
MPA Member

Members of Master Painters Australia have been vetted to ensure we are qualified, experienced and fully licensed.

MPA Enviropainter
Accredited Enviropainters

We use sustainable work practises to minimise the impact of our work on the environment and your family.

Exterior Painting FAQs

Why is exterior painting important?

Exterior painting serves as the first line of defense for your wall against the damaging effects of harsh climate. It can protect your walls layer from wear and tear, and in general, it increases your exterior’s lifespan. And while protecting your home, you’re also enhancing its value and beauty.

How long does exterior painting last?

Typically, it can last at a minimum of ten years, depending on several factors like, the condition of your surfaces, the type of paint used, the weather conditions in your area, the location of your property, the level of preparation made before applying the paint. If you hire professional painters, you can rest assured that your exterior painting will last to its maximum lifespan.

What are the best colours for exterior painting?

  • Below are some of the most popular colours for your exterior.
  • Creamy Off-White
  • White
  • Warm Blue Grey
  • Grey
  • Classy Turquoise
  • Natural Sage Green
  • Cool Mint Green
  • Happy, Playful Yellow
  • Vibrant, Brick Red

If you need help with choosing the best colour to match your architecture, let us know and we will help you. A colour and finish consultation is one of the services we offer.

Can Fluid Painting Solutions paint my shop’s exterior in Queanbeyan?

Yes, we can help you with that. We offer exterior painting for residential, sheds, patios, commercial, apartments, sport centers, gyms, shires, schools, government offices and a lot more.

What’s the best paint colour to choose for my two-storey home?

For a two storey home, choosing a two tone paint colour is a smart choice. Combining pastel and dark colours could do the trick. If you need help deciding which colour to choose for your two-storey home in Canberra or Queanbeyan, feel free to call Gabe 0421 359 062.

Do you use waterproof paint?

Yes, we use waterproof paints. We have access to all types of paint, depending on your needs.

What type of finishes do you offer?

We offer most types of finishes including matte, glossy, flat, smooth, textured and a lot more.

Where do I get started?

Send us your requirements here, or give Gabe a call on 0421 359 062.

  • Are you bonded, licensed and insured?
  • What paint brands do you use?
  • What safety measures will be in place when you paint my house?
  • What other services do you offer apart from exterior painting?
  • Do you use environmentally friendly materials?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • Do we need to leave our house when you paint?
  • Will you ensure our pets and garden are protected while you paint?
  • Do you offer a workmanship warranty?
  • What’s included in my quote?
  • When can you start and how long will it take you to finish the project?
  • Adds beauty and value to your premises
  • Adds a layer of defense to your walls, increasing its lifespan
  • Increases your building’s rental and resale value
  • Help prevents the damaging effects of UV rays
  • Prevents insects and termites from damaging your wood walls or ceilings
  • Increases your property’s curb appeal
  • Long term investment
  • When you hire painters, you are also helping local businesses and the economy
  • You help preserve your home’s beauty which is amazing!
  • You’re developing relationships with tradies who will paint your property, and you’re gaining friends!
  • Enhances your property’s atmosphere making it more relaxing, comforting and spacious to look